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Advertising, marketing, promotions (2 Records)
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Advertising, marketing, promotions
*Mark Twain's observation for the spider on the newspaper EZ Filing™ #EZ.23177 Exp 07-31
Looking for a shop keeper who did not advertise so its web on the front door wouldn't be disturbed.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™, (free or flat fee classified advertising listings) a Nixon Newspapers affiliate 317/844-8189
        Carmel IN
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=101
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@ezclassifiedz.com  
  Advertising 101 basics: get your prospect's attention (kiss camera Chicago Bulls) #RAWKLU.22502 Exp 12-31
Getting someone's attention may not be as easy as you think, even if someone you love is poking you frequently to get it.  And following, you may still be clueless.

Let us show you how to do it better. Click the "Audio or video" button above to see what we mean.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™ 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com