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Stories, favorites and great
I get paid to practice. #EZ.28933 Exp 04-24
What also made Junior Seau stand out, to teammates and opponents alike, was his willingness to give. It didn't matter if you were a first-round pick or an undrafted rookie; if you were hungry, ready to work and respected the game, Seau would feed you all he had. When middle linebacker Orlando Ruff asked to learn from him after being signed by the Chargers as a rookie free agent in 1999, Seau told Ruff to show up at the weight room the next morning at 6:30. After running back LaDainian Tomlinson, the fifth pick of the 2001 draft, asked Seau, "How do I become the player I want to become?" Seau would frequently pull him aside on the field or in the locker room and explain how defenses would seek to stop him and where the creases would be.

"One day as a rookie [in 1994] I asked him why he practiced so hard," says Harrison. "He said, 'Rodney, I get paid to practice. I play the game for free.' He said anybody can go out in front of 70,000 people and get excited and play a game, but it takes a special person to practice at game speed. That changed my whole career, and my life. When I retired from the Patriots, coach [Bill] Belichick said I practiced harder than any player he had in 30 years of coaching. That was all because of Junior."

    ~ Junior Seau