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Family, children & grandchildren, friends, mentors (1 Records)
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Family, children & grandchildren, friends, mentors
Grandparent - Keeping in contact - #95 - 20170321 - your choice #NNI.6501 Exp 04-28
Zig Ziglar Message for Daily Living Zig Ziglar
Whom Would You Be? Mar 29, 2017

A reporter once asked George Bernard Shaw: "Mr. Shaw, you are internationally famous and have traveled all over the world. You've been around some of the most famous people. You're on a first-name basis with royalty, well-renowned authors, artists, teachers and dignitaries from every part of this continent. If you had your life to live over, and could be anybody you've ever known, who would you want to be?"

"I would choose," replied Shaw, "to be the man George Bernard Shaw could have been but never was."

Shaw's answer was insightful. For certain, something for each to think about. Who would each of us have been if we could have been the person we were capable of being? Some observe success not measured by how you compare what you've done to what somebody else has done. You may have considerably more, or less, ability.

Real success may be what you have done compared to what you could have done with your God given ability.

Suppose each day you invested a few more minutes studying. Your knowledge in your chosen profession may have been broader.

Would you have had more friends if you were a little more courteous, thoughtful and/or considerate?

Would you have more friends if you had invested time to call or visit at home or in the hospital?

If you chose better eating habits, exercised regularly and had the right amount of sleep would you have more vitality?

How much happier would you have been had you spent more time with your family -- your mate, children, parents, cousins, etc.?

As you ponder these options, remember.

You still have time.

Why not get started?

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Note: Erica sent me: Conversations with My Father - A Keepsake Journal for Celebrating a Lifetime of Stories
While she and the grand daughters visited in Florida, we discussed filling it out. It was an interesting evening and much better than simply answering questions and providing data.

            Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com