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Time Share Exchange (14 Records)
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Time Share Exchange
* Any one need a ride to or from Ft Myers Airport? #EZ.58227 Exp 12-31
Price:  $85.00 / Pick up and delivery

    On Time Bill’s Transportation 239/223-4819 to call Billy
        Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Billy Kirk   Email:  Billykirk2003@gmail.com  
A Wanted to rent: week #13 #EZ.47526 Exp 02-15
    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 502/896-0800 to call Betsy
        Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Betsy Hyslop   Email:  betsy177@bellsouth.net  
A Wanted to rent: week #21 #EZ.56638 Exp 02-28
    Eagle’s Nest Beach- Five Star Resort 404/401-6793 to call Kristy
        Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Kristy Grieco   Email:  kgrieco@bellsouth.net  
A Waterfront activity center #EZ.23381 Exp 12-31
Beach chairs available daily, Gulf water activities

Click the web site below and scroll to the last listing to see exactly where the "hut" was before the 2022 hurricane.
Beach chairs available

    Eagles Nest - Regency Watersports 239/394-4114
        Marco Island FL 34145
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=167
            Contact:  Richard Reisinger, Mgr  
For rent: week #14 #EZ.54975 Exp 06-20
Price:  $3,200.00 / per week

As the elevator repair continues, this is a popular floor.

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 312/315-2913 to call Jon
        Tower Unit: #204 Week #14, Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Jon Perlman   Email:  jon@sspcllc.com  
For rent: week #15 #EZ.56413 Exp 02-28
Price:  $2,100.00 / per week

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 732/996 4242 to call Mike
        Tower #307 Week 15, Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Mike Moore   Email:  supermomo11@aol.com  
For Rent: Week #15 #EZ.36097 Exp 02-15
Price:  $2,500.00 / per week

1 bedroom villa facing the gulf and the pool. Very convenient location.

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 860/483-0150 to call Linda
        Villa #1109 Week 15, Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Linda Merriman   Email:  llmerriman@sbcglobal.net  
Guide: adding a friendship listing - step 1 #EZ.52928 Exp 12-30

Simply click the link above and fill in the fields.

When you have completed the different fields, click the preview button at the bottom of the page, and make a copy and e-mail the copy that has the information. The hacker's works has destroyed sending it directly.

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 239/302-9009
        Tower #104 - week 11, Marco Island FL 34145
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=167
            Contact:  Willard Rohrer  
Guide: adding a friendship listing - step 2 #EZ.52929 Exp 12-30

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=167
Guide: adding a friendship listing - step 3 #EZ.52930 Exp 12-30

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=167
Guide: adding a friendship listing - step 4 #EZ.52932 Exp 04-15

When you complete the information for your listing, click the preview button and make sure the links (e-mail address, telephone contact number) work and are correct. The hacker disabled the link to post it and it doesn't work, but make a copy and e-mail it and will will post the information.

Since it's primarily for owners, the only pertinent information is week, unit number and price.

Lisa, at Eagles Nest has a more comprehensive list of units for sale.

    Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort 239/394-5167 x 3081 - to call Lisa
        Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Lisa Seymour   Email:  lisa.seymour@hgv.com  
Guide: Eagles Nest Friendship list explained #EZ.46749 Exp 12-30
Several years ago Michelle Virkler and Gene Engle established the Eagles Nest Friendship list to facilitate buying, selling and renting Eagles Nest timeshare units with other owners. When Michelle decided to stop, Don Nixon thought it was helpful and volunteered to keep it active.

If this is the first message you have received, simply click "reply" which confirms you received it.

Please include your name, telephone contact and week(s) and unit # you own and you will receive periodic updates and Eagles Nest news.

At some point, if you own multiple weeks, it may encourage trades to avoid a move to a different unit wasting much of a Friday of your time at Marco. However, management now helps you with those moves so it isn't as much hassle.

When new listings are submitted, we usually check current listings and send details to those on the friendship list. All current listings are posted at:
(You can click on the website link following)

If you have a unit to rent, buy, sell or trade, it's easier if you send us details. We post your listing to fit our format to sort correctly. Include your e-mail and telephone contact so interested parties may easily contact you directly.

The list is not affiliated with Hilton and there is no reason to avoid any other means to find someone who may have an interest in what you are listing.

The "Exp" is the date a listing automatically expires. You should get a system generated e-mail the day before your listing expires to remind you to renew it.(*) If details are still correct, simply click reply. That sends us detail to reset the expiration which extends your listing for another 15 days. Clicking reply makes it easier for us to update your listing. (For sale listings usually expire on the 30th day of the month)

The identification number is automatically included so you need not add any message unless you want to change the price or other details. Since these are essentially sent to about 700 other owners, who know how the Eagles Nest time share works, so the only pertinent details are week number, unit and price. Listings are then posted in sequential week number order: wanted, for rent, for sale.

Since some owners also have timeshares at other properties, we accept those listings, including units an Eagles Nest owner has available at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort next door.  To ignore any of those listings simply add "Eag" in the search box above "Name/business"

When you are in Marco and talk to your friends, see if they are on the friendship list. If they are not, simply send us their contact information. With more owners on the list, the better response you will get.

Currently there is no charge for owners to subscribe to the list or post listings.

However, at one point when an owner advised the front desk persons of available units, a "spiff" was given, which I think was $25. If you make an arrangement through the Friendship List, feel free to carry on the tradition for any amount you think appropriate.

There is a fee for non subscribers to submit listings.

The last time I checked, current rental information through Eagles Nest is at this link: (don't rely on this being current)

Note: If you decide to go through Hilton's program to either rent or sell your unit, you sign an exclusive contract with them and must pay the fee regardless of who initiates a deal. Often transactions through that source may be less hassle than with private parties.

Vacation planning calendar for Eagles Nest Fri to Fri is included at this link:  (don't rely on this being current)

(*)This is a typical system generated message so you may want to make sure future messages don't go to your junk mail folder.

Listings are automatically posted on several other databases which is why “Eagles Nest and Marco Island” are included in listing details. The phone number listed makes direct contact with the owner on the Friendship List so it does not go through Eagles Nest or Hilton Grand Vacations and is not affiliated with either of those entities.

Friendship List information for each individual is not available to anyone who does not have authorization and is not posted or public. Currently there are more than 600 names on the list and each has a unique id#. If you want to verify someone is on the list, ask for the number and send it to us.

When new information for the Eagles Nest Friendship list is received, it’s posted and periodically an e-mail is sent to those on the list.(*) This e-mail notice is no longer system generated. It will be sent from Don. If you "unsubscribe" to it, you will no longer get any of those updates, although you may still receive system generated notices.

If you are new to the list, you should receive your first e-mail in a day or so. System generated messages are not monitored for receipt and some folks report they do not consistently receive them. I have set up a separate mail to include the updates.(*) You can respond to either one if you have a question.

However, if you select unsubscribe on that list, your e-mail will permanently be deleted.

If your e-mail address changes, you will no longer receive updated messages.

Your submissions are edited for consistency and style, which is standard English with capital letters and lower case as appropriate.

If it's tedious to go through all current listings, you can use the search feature to find specific weeks or for rent or for sale items. Remember to hit the search key at the top of the page and at the bottom right of the top box with fields in it.

To submit information, or if you have questions, simply hit reply. There's no charge to join the friendship list or post information. Suggest you include e-mail contact and telephone number to make it easy for someone to respond to your listing.

If you are selling a unit, it's helpful to identify if fixed or flex.

If you don't want to participate, simply hit the reply button and mark "delete" and all your contact information will be deleted.

Willard Rohrer

PS - If you have questions simply click the reply button on any message which will identify the listing you have a question about. If you have an interest in any listing, simply click the "Make an offer" button to send an e-mail to the person who has listed the item.

    Easy Classified Advertizing™ 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=167
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Guide: Eagles Nest Friendship list owners, how to transfer units sold between owners #EZ.36834 Exp 12-30
Home of the Island Title 5 Star Closing Team!
3 Offices to Serve YOU Best!
1118 N. Collier Blvd., Marco Island, FL 34145
6300 Trail Blvd., Naples, FL 34108
34880 Burnt Pine Dr., Suite 8, Bonita Springs, FL 34134* by appointment only
239-597-1577 Fax: 239-597-7155

Items needed for closing:
Contract to purchase
Check or other payment
Eagles Nest contract number

    Island Title 5 Star Closing 239/394-4888
        1118 N. Collier Blvd, Marco Island FL 34145
            Contact:  Dawnette Norgren   Email:  dmnorgren@it5star.com  
Guide: How to make an offer: A guide: Eagles Nest Friendship list owners #EZ.36856 Exp 12-30
Simply click on the "Make offer" button above and e-mail your proposal. It will be sent to the Eagles Nest owner.

    Easy Classified Advertizing™