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  A question: What and/or who will you cherish today? #EZ.53270 Exp 09-26
If tomorrow never comes, each day is a gift - often squandered, each unique, not valued as a gem to cherish, but if we are indifferent...  

    Creative Thinking, Inc.

Established 1972 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader  

A question: what will you do to bring back to life - local journalism #EZ.56661 Exp 12-25
Price:  $0.02 / priceless

Indiana Daily Student - comprehensive caledar of events on campus and off
Bowling scores
Name or picture in the paper
High school activities, particularly sports (other school down to kindergarten can get the name in the paper - birthday Class of 1960)
Hillsdale College campaign to improve public middle and high school education
Unlimited content, categories and listings, easy to locate by zip code
Competition between schools in each zip code so all is local and people are interested...remember the old Indiana high school basketball single class and what it
Replace the yellow page directory model (subscription price based on category-church or babysitters)

    Creative Thinking, Inc 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  ashland.news
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
  Get it first...but... #EZ.53072 Exp 12-30
Price:  $1,000,000.00 / and no less

first, get it RIGHT!

Wabash, Indiana

Plain Dealer at Wabash and Canal St

Not sure the previous owner but think it was a savings and loan building converted to Nixon Newspapers headquarters, and daily Wabash Plain Dealer with re-plated Times Star for mail subscribers.

Note the PLAIN DEALER name carved above the brass front doors and clock* outside at the corner.

The press was in the basement as was newsprint storage which went under the sidewalks on Canal and Wabash streets.

The safe door for secured deposit boxes was never closed and was permanent since its weight would collapse the floor if an attempt to remove it was planned.

Entering the main front door, you passed the stairs to the basement and the office on the left was Nixon Newspapers headquarters for Wabash, Peru and Michigan City newspapers, Nixon Newspaper Associates, Nixon Newspapers, Inc., and Nixon Newspapers Benevolent Association, Inc.

The office to the right was occupied by Joe Nixon (my father) who was General Manager and the middle lobby divided the teller stations so on the right the Plain Dealer classified advertising and subscription operations and on the left, all general administration work for the newspaper operations was conducted. Willard Rohrer occupied the front office to manage all business purchasing, banking, insurance, payroll, taxes, union/labor agreements.

The far balcony offices were for the display advertising sales people when in the office and the front balcony was for the Publisher, Eugenia Hubbard Nixon Honeywell, who was seldom present at the office.

Beyond the far balcony, stairs to the upper floor and exit on Wabash Street may have influenced visitors dealing with the news department or the daily make up production of "hot metal" typesetting for the news and advertising content of the daily printed product.

*The clock was manually operated winding it every 8 days. It was astounding how many people would notice if and when the clock was not on time.

PS: If the photo is not displayed, click the website link below

    Nixon Newspapers, Inc 317/844-8189
        2 W Canal St, Wabash IN 46992
            Website:  www.ezclassifiedz.com/classifieds/classified.php?pid=0&cid=26
            Contact:  Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com  
Join the team #EZ.56677 Exp 12-26
Dean; Professor
Lucy A. Dalglish became dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism in 2012.

Mutual friend: Tom Schumaker, former Wabash Plain Dealer Editor

    University of Maryland - ONA 301/405.2399
        7765 Alumni Drive, College Park, MD 20742
            Contact:  Lucy A. Dalglish   Email:  dalglish@umd.edu  
Join the team #EZ.56678 Exp 12-26
Overlap at Culver as a senior when I was a freshman. Both members of the Band.

    Who Needs Newspapers 541/941-8116
        478 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland OR 97520
            Website:  www.whoneedsnewspapers.org
            Contact:  Paul Steinle   Email:  steinlep@sou.edu  
Join the team #EZ.56703 Exp 12-30
Scott Sander came “Back Home Again” to Indiana in 2005, joining News8 as a nightside reporter on WISH-TV and the first anchor of our 10 o’clock news on MyNDY-TV 23. He moved up to the Daybreak team in 2007.

Scott says his goal for each story and every newscast is to, “Get it right, write it well, and deliver it clearly.”

That’s been true through more than 30 years in broadcasting, delivering award-winning coverage of countless stories of local and national impact.

He reported LIVE along river banks during history-shaping flooding in Missouri… on the campaign trail as presidential contenders criss-crossed Iowa… from the grounds of Columbine High School within minutes of the tragedy outside Denver… and all over Central Indiana, leading coverage of most every important story over the last 17 years in the state he has always called ‘home’, no matter where he has lived.

Scott was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, and was raised all over the map – including stops on the east side of Indianapolis, the western suburbs of Chicago, a neighborhood north of Atlanta, Georgia, and eventually back to Central Indiana, where he graduated from Carmel High School in 1990.

He works to help several community organizations, including The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Indianapolis Fire Department, the Indiana Historical Society, and Carmel Education Foundation.

Scott and his wife, Tammy, have two kids, two cats, and one trusty travel trailer that they haul to campgrounds all over the country. Scott likes to fish, loves to read, and plays golf poorly but enthusiastically.

He has also won 10 Emmy awards, but Tammy makes him keep them in the attic.

She does allow him to display the crystal award given as a member of the Carmel High School Alumni Hall of Fame, but mostly just to embarass the kids.

    WISH-TV Channel 8
        1950 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis IN 46202
            Website:  www.wishtv.com/on-air-personalities/scott-sander/
            Contact:  Scott Sander   Email:  Scott.Sander@WISHTV.com  
  Wabash (IN) Plain Dealer: Merv Hendricks #EZ.54738 Exp 12-30
Custom classified advertising‏‏
From:       Merv Hendricks (mhendricks2@isugw.indstate.edu)
Sent: Tue 11/11/08 12:13 PM
To:         Don Nixon II (dmnixonii@hotmail.com)

Hi, dmn (been a while since I typed that),

It will be next week or the week after, though. I am tied up in editing and designing an 80th anniversary publication for the Hoosier State Press Association — you remember it — and I have until the weekend to finish a 64-page tab. I have 20 pages finished right now, so that tells you what I will be doing with my hours away from my day job this week and weekend. I have been so busy with stuff that I must admit that I have not even looked at the links you sent. I will, however, before we meet by phone and will share them with the group.

And while I have your eyes, Don, let me say that I never appreciated how good Nixon Newspapers was and how good you were as a publisher until some years after I was gone. My days in Wabash, as I look back with white hair, were the best of my career. Yes, I was in some ways a bigger dog in Terre Haute at the papers here, but it never was as much fun, it was never as good of a culture, it was never as positive a place as was Wabash. When I think about a paper being connected with its community, I think of Wabash in those days when NNI was in charge. I really felt that we in the PD newsroom — and the PD in every department -- got to know the community and appreciate it, even though we had a changing cast of characters.

I also know now, which I didn’t know then, how much you let us, encouraged us to effectively experiment. Take the Saturday tab for instance. You gave us a toy and let us play with it. That was gutsy, given that we were all pretty much 20-something snots.

I also recall what I call big ideas that you and Ray foisted upon us — the Sunday paper covering the ceremony of the Wabash light, Ray and Harold’s trip to the Jimmy Carter White House, the Jane Pauley tab, the Bicentennial edition, the 1979 anniversary edition, the Ray Kroc tab. That proved to me that it did not take a major metro to do major metro kinds of projects. Hard work — damn straight! — but rewarding, educational and, after the pain ceased, points of pride.

For all of that and more memories whose brain cells have died, I thank you, first. I thank your late, great dad. And as I often have, I thank Ray, who I generally call or e-mail on Sept. 15, the day I started at the PD (1976).

I regret I was not more appreciative at the time and that I was often a problem in my behavior. If I could take back anything in my professional life, it would not be mistakes or bad news judgments, it would be bad behavior. It’s a wonder I wasn’t fired over and over and over. I deserved it too many times. Thank you for your support.

I still have, BTW, notes you sent me, usually written in blue grease pencil if I recall correctly, complimenting the newsroom on one thing or another. Those are still meaningful and will stay in my files as long as I live.

More than you wanted to know, dmn, but I never could write short!

Peace, love and rock-and-roll,

-- Merv

PS Now comes the hard part...getting it done...dmn follow the journey with us. The web site below was an effort to model local landing pages for every zip code with links to local activities.

I designed a custom program for unlimited content for local news and activities. It was modeled after the classified advertising section of the newspaper so it was easy to find specific items or businesses. Still waiting patiently to make progress. See the category following...and click:
Follow up -- dmn

    Creative Thinking, Inc. 317/844-8189
        160 W Carmel Dr, Carmel IN 46032
            Website:  nixonnewspapers.com
            Contact:  Don Nixon   Email:  dmn.ez.nni@gmail.com