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♦ Classified SOP, category stylebook - Acceptable ads #EZ.7564 Exp 11-30
When you have something new or simply want to post a notice, remember ads are sorted alphabetically by title, similar items are sorted together. Since the title field is searchable, someone can find your news simply by typing in a subject or browsing the new posts.

This category may contain a wide variety of topics, so identify the generic subject as the first word in your ad. For instance, if you offer web site hosting and design, say: Internet, web hosting. You could also provide a separate listing which begins: Web site design

Other search parameters: business name, zip code (both 3 digit and 5 digit), price, free items and new items. If you have questions, click the e-mail link below.

    EZ Classified Advertizing™, (free or flat fee classified advertising listings) a Nixon Newspapers affiliate
            Contact:  Willard P. Rohrer, General/Business Manager   Email:  willardrohrer@hotmail.com