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Household goods, furniture (1 Records)
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Household goods, furniture
Bedbugs eradicated #EZ.26719 Exp 11-30
There is a very easy and safe way of killing bedbugs, ants, fleas, lice, ticks, and other crawling/jumping insects: it's called Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is not actually earth, it's the pulverized shells of tiny sea creatures. The powder gets under the shell of the insect, dehydrates it, and it dies. No poisons, no chemicals, no nerve toxins or endocrine disruptors. It's safe for people, pets and the environment - but make sure to get the food grade variety. You just sprinkle it on mattresses, fabrics, carpets, floors, counters, in cracks, and even directly on pets - helps control fleas. It is not expensive and you can get it at most local feed stores.